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Mechanical Presizer

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Mechanical Presizer

The purpose of this machine is the initial sizing of fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots, citrus fruits, before further processing. It operates through double cylinder arrays, which cover the entire width of the machine. In each array, the first cylinder is connected to a guided chain. Also, the cylinder is connected to the second, with a metal frame. The distance between the cylinder arrays is mechanically adjusted, thus creating an opening. Between them, which allows the products that have a smaller diameter to pass through. These products are extracted from the machine through a conveyor belt located under the cylinders, while the rest remain on top of the cylinders to be transported to the end of the machine for further processing.

Construction data

  • The frame of the machine, is made of sheet metal and beams, while the cylinders which come in contact with the products are galvanized.
  • Movement of the cylinders is actuated by a chain system located on each side. The chain system is held in place by a guide on each side. Power transmission is done by a suitable engine and inverter.
  • The adjustment of the cylinder opening is achieved through manual handles located on the side of the machine.
  • The conveyor belt which is used to export smaller diameter products is made of PVC, and is powered by a second motor included in the machine.

Applies to

Citrus Fruits

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