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Electronic Grader for Cucumber

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Electronic Grader for Cucumber

The cucumber electronic sorter is a fully automated continuous operation electronic sorter with one line. It is constructed with specially designed carriers (cups) which are optimized for the characteristics of the cucumbers. In its basic version it is equipped with an electronic sorting system for weight, and 5+1 exits, but it can also be equipped with electronic sorting systems for diameter/volume, color, shape, external and internal quality, as well as with more exits.

The operator can set-up and run the machine through a display panel. The transporting speed of the fruits is adjusted using a suitable Inverter. The capacity of the sorter reaches up to 6 fruits per second.

The machine consists of:

  • Front side.
  • Weighing system.
  • Back side (including power unit).
  • Product transferring system (cups).
  • Εxit belt (the number of exit belts may vary depending on the processing needs).

Processing cycle:

  • The cucumbers are transferred to the machine through its infeed cleated belt. The cleated belt places them in a row one after the other, ensuring the proper and continuous flow of products to the sorter.
  • On entry point, the cucumbers are placed in the cups, which are specially designed for the cucumber shape.
  • The cups carrying the fruits pass over the weighing system (load cell) so the electronic system can receive the weight of every cucumber and sort it according to the program the operator has set.
  • The ejection system on every exit gently tilts the cups so that the cucumbers can exit the machine to the proper exit belt for packaging.

The machine is constructed from painted structural steel framework and plates, welded and/or bolted. The top cover of the sorter is made of INOX (AISI304). The stands are height adjustable.


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