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Water Tank with Sorting Table

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Water Tank with Sorting Table

The purpose of the water tank-elevator-sorting table machine is to feed and transport products from their storage containers (pallet boxes) to the processing line.

The machine consists of the following:

  • The special forklift pickup forks, the purpose of which is to submerge the bins - pallet boxes into the tank.
  • The water pump, which fills the tank with water, and regulates it’s flow & circulation.
  • The tank, the purpose of which is to store water.
  • The elevator.
  • The sorting table.
  • The elevator/sorting table motor, which regulates their motion.

Τhe purpose of the machine is fulfilled by the following procedure:

  • Initially, the product pallet box is submerged into the water tank, where the products are released due to buoyancy and float on the surface of the water.
  • The products, due to the circulation of water in the tank, are pushed towards the elevator, which is installed on the side of the tank.
  • Then, the products latch onto the rollers of the elevator which, with their rotational and translational motion, trap and transport them from the tank to the sorting table.
  • Finally, at the sorting table, staff performs manual visual control, inspection and sorting/removal of the products deemed unsuitable for further processing.

Applies to

Citrus Fruits

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