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Electronic Grader (OL-2LES-FT)

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Electronic Grader (OL-2LES-FT)

The OL_2LES_FT is a fully automated continuous operation electronic sorter with two lines. The machine can process many sensitive fruits and vegetables, such as apples, peaches, apricots, kiwi, tomato, citrus, pomegranates, avocado and more, with a diameter starting from 35mm. It offers a wide flexibility as it can be constructed with different types of fruit carriers (cups) in order to fit the characteristics of each product. In its basic version it is equipped with an electronic sorting system for weight, and 5+1 exits, but it can also be equipped with electronic sorting systems for diameter/volume, color, shape, external and internal quality, as well as with more exits.

The operator can set-up and run the machine through a computer or a display panel. The transporting speed of the fruits is adjusted using a suitable Inverter. The capacity of the sorter reaches up to 16 fruits per second.

The machine consists of:

  • Front side.
  • Weighing sorting unit (colour – diameter sorting unit with the use of a camera - optional).
  • Back side (including power unit).
  • Product transferring system (cups).
  • Fruit trays (the number of fruit trays may vary depending on the processing needs).
  • Packing station (optional).

Processing cycle:

  • The fruits are transferred to the machine through its infeed V-belt.
  • The V-belt places the incoming fruits in a row one after the other, ensuring the proper and continuous flow of products to the sorter.
  • On entry point, the products are placed in the cups passing through a soft brush system ensuring the safe placing of the fruits without damage.
  • The two lines of cups carrying the fruits pass over the weighing system (load cell) so the electronic system can receive the weight of every fruit and sort it according to the program the operator has set.
  • The ejection system on every exit gently tilts the cups so the fruits can exit the machine to the proper fruit tray for packaging.

If the packing station option is installed, the operator has at his/her disposal empty boxes which are situated on the slanted deck above each tray. After filling the box, the operator pushes the box towards the belt, which then transports it to the final packaging bench, located at the end of the line.


Applies to

Citrus Fruits
Prickly Pear
Peach & Nectarine

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