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Philosophy & Values

Our Company’s target since it's establishment has been to design and implement solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of every customer.

No two sorting lines are the same… and we know that very well!

Our Approach


We meet with our customers so that we can get to know them better and understand their needs.


Our many years of experience have taught us to convert our customers’ needs into innovative solutions. We design on their behalf by seeking the most suitable and effective solution.


We implement the designs in order to provide reliable, safe and ergonomic solutions that withstand the test of time. We carefully consider every component in detail so as to fully meet the requirements of our customer.


Our qualified associates shall take care of transporting and installing the unit at your facilities, wherever your location might be. Upon departing, they will leave a fully functional sorting line behind.



The R.G Company is established by Riziero Ricci and Giorgio Panagopoulos.



The company name changes to “Olimpias” and relocates to Via Degli Scavi – Forli, where it is engaged in the production of agricultural machinery.


Back to base

“Olimpias” returns to where it all started by establishing a modern and up-to-date agricultural machinery production plant at Villa Selva – Forli.


New base

The Company completes its relocation to its facilities in Lappa of Achaia, where it has been operating to date.


On a continuous development course

“Olimpias” is continuing along the path that was laid down over 45 years ago, by using the latest technology in the design, the development of innovative ideas and the production of machinery for sorting, packaging and grading agricultural products.


Our Team

Our people stand by your side providing solutions at every stage, from documenting your needs, all the way to the design, the implementation and installation.

Our Technology

We focus on development and innovation that not only meets but also exceeds our customers’ needs by setting a high standard. We monitor the developments in our sector in order to stay ahead of the market.


Pleased Customers

all over the world


The relations we build with our customers are valuable to us, which is why we ensure that they are retained. Our customers can feel comfortable and safe with an organised after sales service system.
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