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Drying Machine

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Drying Machine

The drying machine is essentially a roller conveyor with a hot air generator mounted on top of it. It is ideal for Citrus fruits processing, although it can be used for more sensitive products.

Machine breakdown:

  • The machine's frame is made of plain carbon steel, while the parts which come in contact with the fruit are made of stainless steel.
  • The rotating rollers are made of aluminium or galvanized steel.
  • The boiler compartment is the main heating component of the machine. It consists of a turbine, a burner, heat convection tubes, and is connected with the roller transportation system underneath through an air-duct system made-up from two segments, a venting segment which provides hot air to the fruits below, and a return segment which recycles the air back to the turbine.
  • Power transmission is effected, through a gear-chain system for the rollers, and a gear system for the centrifugal fans. The rotation speed of the rollers is adjusted by a suitable inverter.
  • Temperature control for the machine is effected through a thermostat mounted on the boiler compartment, with a suitable temperature indicator for easy temperature set up.
  • The control panel, with the rest of the switches and controls, is mounted on the side of the machine.

Applies to

Citrus Fruits

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