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Sorting-Grading-Packaging line for Peaches
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Sorting-Grading-Packaging line for PeachesSorting-Grading-Packaging line for PeachesSorting-Grading-Packaging line for PeachesSorting-Grading-Packaging line for Peaches
Capacity: 1.5-2 t/per hour
Year of Completion: 2012

Processing line for peaches with capacity 1.5/2 t per hour.The line is specialy designed for the proper processing of the peaches.

The line consists of:

  • Elevator.
  • Turn belt.
  • 'V' belt.
  • Electronic sorter :MINI CC:The flexibility and small size of the MINI CC makes it particularly useful for both small and large producers. The MINI CC can easily process any type of vegetable and fruit with different diameters, recognizing their size with an electronic weighing device. The MINI CC is equipped with two different fruit carriers, depending on the fruit’s diameter.It has an individual electric operation panel.Movement with Inverter HP 0,5.It is equipped with a display (touch screen) for the operation of the electronic system and similar arrangements while sorting-classifying.


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