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Packaging Line for Grapes
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Packaging Line for GrapesPackaging Line for GrapesPackaging Line for GrapesPackaging Line for GrapesPackaging Line for GrapesPackaging Line for Grapes
Year of Completion: 2005

Processing line capacity for grapes.The line is specialy designed for the proper processing of the grapes.

The line consists of:

  • Elevator for the boxes from the field:The in feed carrier (elevator) of the line is consisted of one transportation belt made of 2 linen PVC and a roughcast surface for the safe holding of the boxes during the rising.The ascent of the rising is adjustable and its width is 700mm with guides.
  • Roller transportation belt for the filled boxes:From the above machine which is modulated in an elevator, the filled boxes head to a roller transportation belt, which forwards the boxes in front of the workers.The roller transportation belt is consisted of metallic galvanized rollers and taps at the edges from special plastic (for silent movement).
  • Operation line for 20 workers:These are constructed working positions where the boxes from the field are placed.
  • Transportation belt for ready boxes:The filled boxes after the packaging after the workers, head to the concentrated transporter,which is incorporated on the main line.The movement is done with decrease power HP 0,75.
  • Belt for the damaged product:The damaged fruit head to the end of the line, through a belt.
  • Elevator:The damaged fruit are lead outside the building through a belt.The conveyor belt is 2 linen with heels and the movement with decrease power HP 0,75.
  • Chain carrier for the empty boxes:The empty boxes are placed on the chain carrier and are forwarded to the end of the line.
  • General electric panel.


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