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Electronic Sorter 1 line

In addition, it is possible to place a shape defect system as well as a quality grading system.

The rotation speed of the transportation system is adjusted by a suitable inverter.

The capacity of the one-lane electronic sorter reaches 12 Fruit per second. Considering that the electronic sorter works with a fill rate of 70%, then its capacity can reach 30,000 Fruits per hour.

The sorting machine is fully automated. The operator can set the machine through a computer. The number of fruit trays may vary depending on processing needs.

Once the Shorting machine is reached, the product passes onto transportation system (cups) which through the weighting system and the monitoring system (camera) passes to the appropriate exit (fruit tray).

The products coming from the frond side of the machine are conveyed by a V-shaped conveyor belt. At the exit of the belt is mounted a rotating brush with adjustable drive for the smooth entry of the products to the sorting machine. The products that reach the shorting machine are ready to pass into the transportation system «Cups». The cups aim to transport the products to the programmed exit (fruit tray). Once the programmed fruit tray has been reached, the products are gently diverted from the cup into the appropriate fruit tray. By the fruit trays, the products are ready to be packaged or stored.

The weighing system includes a load cell located at the bottom of the ladders in order to weigh the products being transported.

The machine is made up essentially of painted structural steel framework and plates, welded and/or bolted. The top cover of the shorter is made up of INOX (AISI304). The rest feet are height adjustable. The quality and features of the materials employed in the construction were selected in order to ensure reliability and long life.

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