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Mechanical Roller Sizer

Products calibration in 2 till 5 sizes, with rollers diameter from 33 up to 80 mm depending on machine model and products type.Specialized roller chain conveyor construction, using different pitch chains type and rollers (diameter), to achieve the best results in sizing and have maximum performance capacity, depending on product type and classification and with two calibration systems using couple rollers (Mod. CR) or using lift rollers (Mod. LR).Suitable for different types of products like potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, Brussels sprouts, radishes, and various other bulbs.Easy and precise adjustment of calibration system for desired sizes, using special steering wheels and ruler pointing system.Adjustable speed of the sizer with electronic speed controller (Inverter).Models ranging from 2 to 5 sizes (more exits/sizes on demand), with lengths and widths depending on the required capacity and customer specifications.Capacity: from 2 to 15 tons per hour (depending from product and model.)

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